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Project Description
TFS Cloud Deployment Toolkit is a continuous delivery solution for .NET teams that automates the release process from Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 up to Production environment for faster, simpler and consistency deliveries. With pre-define release path, TFS Cloud Deployment Toolkit automatically deploys any multiple applications to multiple systems and environments in a complex sequence. TFS Cloud Deployment Toolkit makes release cycles repeatable, visible and more efficient.
• TFS Cloud Deployment Toolkit automatically deploys any Environments
• Simple Setup the deployment procedure
• Use existing Build process to Implement your release process
• Build-In Rollback scenarios
• Automatic one-click deployment multiple applications to all environments
• Release from one or many TFS environments
• All components and packages installed on server at the same time
• Release all type of components (Web, Windows Services, Console and MS SQL )
• Support parallel and/or sequential complex deployments
• Distributes scripts and executable programs to run on target server
• Utilize Microsoft build-in tools for builds and deployments
• Fully Integrated with TFS
  o TFS group in approval and security set-up
  o Utilize TFS build and deploy scheduling
• Provide deploy status monitoring and logging management
• Provide Release deployment reports

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